Pioneer DreamCare

Dr Glucose Non-Invasive

Measurement Device



A non-invasive glucose measurement system based on the method of metabolic heat conformation ( MHC). Based on quantity of heat dissipation, blood flow rate of local tissue and degree of blood oxygen saturation. Integrated various sensors for signal collection and input, a processing circuit conversion and amplification, and a microprocessor to calculate the values of parameters (blood¡@ glucose concentration, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin concentration, blood flow volume, pulse, ambient temperature and humidity, and shell temperature and humidity), finally display the result through Bluetooth display on personal device.


A high level of automation makes taking a measurement & reading the value effortless




88.4%, high accuracy vs Autolab 18 automatic biochemical analyzer blood glucose


No blood sample is needed for a test which means completely pain-free use. No blood. Pain free.
Cost Effective

The product does not require a strip or other disposable for the testing process. Don’t incur long-term costs any more.